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We have been enhancing the ambiance of backyards, patios, pools and resorts with custom fire pits since 2012.

Aqua Fire Pit started with a small idea of a floating fire bowl that turned into a variety of fire pit designs and eventually grew to become one of the largest custom fire pit providers in the world!

We now serve the entire state of Florida, the New England region, the south regions of Texas (San Antonio, Houston, Austin & Corpus Christi), Turks and Caicos, Bahamas and Dominican Republic. Export is also available to many countries.

Real fire structures elevate the ambiance of properties like no other decoration. At Aqua Fire Pit, we take pride in providing you with durable high end fire pits coupled with professional installation services.

Bowls Line-up

Take a look at our new scorching hot line-up of Fire Pit Bowls.

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Aqua Fire Pit

There are many ways to add to the beauty & ambiance to your backyard, but very few can accomplish this like adding decorative fire! Starting with one of the most popular products that we build at Aqua Fire Pit, our beautiful, sleek, custom fire pits. Also known as a backyard fire pit, a custom fire pit can really light up the night. Adding a backyard fire pit to your pool area allows your home to glow, with beautiful reflections of fire off the water!

Next, our unique, beautiful, and very elegant, floating fire islands are designed to add to the ambiance of your pool. These custom, floating fire decorations are a gorgeous accessory to your pool! Besides the fact that they are beautiful when displaying fire in your pool, they are a gorgeous compliment to your custom fire pits!

Consequently, a concrete fire bowl can also be an amazing accessory for your backyard. With several shapes & sizes available, adding custom fire bowls to your backyard decor can really light up the night! Keep in mind, not only do our custom fire bowls & custom fire pits operate on either natural gas, or propane, all of our custom fixtures are build by hand, an are safe for both residential & commercial use.

Last, but not least, don’t forget our custom fire tiki torches! These beautiful pieces are the perfect mix of glow & ambiance you your property. Use them anywhere on your property that could benefit from a natural look of class, & elegance. Our custom fire tiki torches are available in several shapes & sizes, and are safely run on propane or natural gas. Call us today & let us show you how Aqua Fire Pit can beautify your property, and help you set fire to the night!

Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Our company designs & manufactures beautiful custom fire pits. First, we provide you with the option of concrete, brick, marble construction. Then, you select from several styles and sizes. In fact, we can produce an entirely custom design & size, just for you! The next step is to design your custom fire pit. While working with you in this process, we will make sure that the custom fire pit that you are buying, is exactly what you want. Consequently, in the design process, we don’t stop revising it, until you are 100% satisfied with the look, the texture, colors, finishes, etc…

The next step, is to have our team build your custom fire pit, using only the finest craftsmanship. See, we believe that if you are going to do a job at all, then do it right the first time. That is imperative to our business.

Finally,  we are ready to install your new custom fire pit for you. Each custom fire pit comes complete with built-in natural gas or propane connections. You simply flip & switch & set fire to the night!  We also offer you options for both residential, & commercial designs!

Concrete Fire Bowls

Concrete Fire Bowls

First, our custom concrete fire bowls are unique in that they come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and exterior trim. This is why when you install one of our custom concrete fire bowls, you are definitely upgrading the ambiance of your entire property! You see, it’s like resort living in your own home. Imagine spending time in your yard as the reflections from the fire in your custom fire bowl light up the night!

First, we need to understand the style that you like. Is it traditional? Or maybe you like contemporary.  Perhaps you have a custom design in mind? Next, we design it and show you a rendering. After that, you choose the texture & finish, and we build it.

Once we complete your custom fire bowl, the final step is when our highly experienced team will install it for you. Then, enjoy!

Floating Fire Islands

Floating Fire Islands

When you add a few of our unique floating fire islands to your pool, you will be stunned! Besides the fact that they are beautiful fire fixtures, we can make them in any color you like. Most importantly, they are 100% safe to float in your pool.

Once you decide that you want to create an incredible ambiance on your property, then we can show you all of the options that you have with these gorgeous pieces! Because, after you see them in your pool, you will love them. Even more important, once you see the ambiance that they create, you will enjoy your pool area even more!

These floating fire islands are a beautiful compliment to our other fire features, as well. Add floating fire islands to a custom fire pit, and a fire bowl combination, and the difference that it will make to your property is incredible!

Be the envy of your neighborhood and call us today to order your custom floating fire islands for rental or purchase. Built for residences, hotels, & resorts.

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Aqua Fire Pit

When you choose to hire Aqua Fire Pit to complete your design and installation of your new custom fire pits, fire bowls, floating fire islands, or our tiki torches, we take that very seriously.

First, we promise you that you will be very happy with the way we treat you, and that we will be professional at all times.

Next, you will be 100% satisfied in your design, build, & installation of your fire features. In fact, we will stop at no length to insure that you are.

Third, you will be very proud to show off your new fire features, and make no mistake, we count on it! As a business that counts on referrals from our existing customers, we want to impress you every opportunity that we get. Rest assured that by choosing Aqua Fire Pit, you have made a very sound choice.

Ignite the Night with the

Push of a Button

Aqua Fire Pit is the leader in technology for outdoor Fire Pits.

Most of our products are easily integrated into your existing home automation system, making lighting your fire pit a push button feature.

If you do not have an automation system, we will add remote fire lighting capability if needed.

Aqua Fire Pit Ignition Push Start Technology